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FACT:  Clare Garage Doors offer one of the best range of garage and personnel doors in Ireland. From an extensive range of models, styles, finishes, colours, accessory and automation options... we'll have a quality, Irish-made door that will fit your budget. 

Installing  quality Garage Doors across

Clare, Galway, Limerick & Tipperary every week

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Clare Garage Doors
Irish Garage Doors
Single Skinned Doors

Reliable, durable, attractive. The perfect roller door? The UK’s & Ireland’s no.1 roller garage door - DuraRoll. Its popularity is the result of 20 years of development and refinement.

County Clare Garage Doors
Irish Insulated Roller Doors
Insulated Roller Doors

Subtly contoured and curved, the slat design is a classic The door is made from interlocking twin walled aluminium slats each with a strengthening rigid foam core. 

Irish Sectional Garage Doors
Irish Insulated Sectional Garage Doors
Insulated Sectional Doors

Sectional garage doors are widely regarded as the perfect solution for your garage opening; they are extremely secure, reliable and also offer the highest levels of insulation and draught resistance. 

Irish Personnal Doors
Irish Personnal Doors
Irish Personnel Doors
Personnel Doors

The DuraPass door is a brilliant solution for access to your garage, outhouse or anywhere that needs a good looking, high performance entry door. Clever design keeps the face of DuraPass doors free from rivets and welds, eliminating corrosion stain from fixings. Just one of the features that makes DuraPass a true innovation!

Irish Garage Door Automation
Irish Garage Door Automation
Garage Door Automation

As a leading provider of convenience and security products for homes & businesses worldwide, LiftMaster’s strong foundation emanates from the millions of products manufactured and sold since the early 1960s. Around the world, there are more LiftMaster openers installed than any other brand

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