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Roller Doors

THERMAROLL Insulated Roller Doors
Offer exceptional performance and open at the touch of your remote control
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Automated as Standard

Cutting edge Somfy Rollixo technology controls the door safely with permanent-power safety systems

Insulated Construction

ThermaRoll has interlocking foam insulation filled slats and travels in-lined guides that help block cold draughts.

Certified Security

Peace of mind is guaranteed through police preferred specification standards

Space saving Vertical Operation

No overhead tracks inside your garage or kick-out on opening for best use of space

11 Colours available as standard

ThermaRoll colours reflect ever-popular classics and on-trend heritage shades

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Designed for Style and Security

Subtly contoured and curved, the slat design is a classic

The door is made from interlocking twin walled aluminium slats each with a strengthening rigid foam core. The gentle curve of each slat with subtly defined strengthening ribs creates a pleasingly aesthetic look that is equally at home on modern or traditional homes. The factory coated aluminium is highly resistant to corrosion and has an attractive satin sheen.

Irish Garage Doors

Police Certified Security

The ThermaRoll 77 door is independently tested to the Police preferred Specification Secured by Design standard.

Keeping the door securely closed are a minimum of four locking straps that incorporate heavy duty direct connect linkages for maximum resistance to forced opening.

Secured by Design

The Ultimate Roller Garage Door

  • Remote control operation with Somfy controls

  • ThermaRoll 77 is Certified to Secured by Design Police Preferred specification

  • Alarm as standard

  • Factory finished colours and foil wood effect

  • Colour matched guides and roll box

  • Insulated foam filled slats

  • Bottom weather seal that compresses against the floor to help keep out draughts and debris

  • Lined guide tracks fit behind the garage opening and enclose the door curtain to help reduce draughts

  • Fitted behind the garage opening, ThermaRoll adds up to six inches of drive-through width

  • Vertical travel for maximum use of drive space and storage space

  • Steel reinforced autolock system concealed on the door barrel, ensuring excellent security

  • No lock to pick makes the door a great deterrent to intruders

  • Comprehensive Warranties and safety CE marked

  • The perfect fit for your home-made to measure to your exact requirements

Profile Design

The ThermaRoll insulated roller garage door has twin walled aluminium insulated foam filled slats available in either a factory finished paint colours or foil wood effect. All doors have colour matched guides, endplates and box

For more information on our ThermaRoll
range of insulated garage doors, download our brochure here -
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Your Colour Options

Factory painted colours are a durable and low maintenance choice that is easy to keep clean. White is the most selected colour choice, along with black, pale green and anthracite. The wood effect finished of golden oak and rosewood are a close match for upvc doors and windows. Colours marked with * are available on our compact door, the ThermaRoll 55.

Twin walled aluminium insulated foam filled slats with ThermaRoll 77 slat and 55 slat by its side for comparison

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